Borehole Services

Aquasurge provides full turnkey solutions and advice for your borehole project

  • Water Surveying : It is imperative to identify multiple drill locations at your property. This service enables the finding of a cross vein in a north to south and east to west direction. it is then centred and marked as a potential drill location. The service can be with a Traditional Diviner or with a Geohydrologist.
  • Drilling Service: We have as selection of drilling rigs available to our clients, since we find more of the drill locations in smaller areas of a home or business, we do find the use of “small” drilling rigs to be preferred. The small, tight fit rig can drill to 160m, drilling a 6,5 inch borehole and can drill Odex, drill and drive and all ground formations.
  • Water Testing : It is important to test water before the decision is made to take the borehole water into the home and “Potable Water”
  • Full turnkey Borehole installation services : We provide ideas and solutions for full borehole installations for garden and home, ensuring your specific requirement is met.
  • Yield Testing and Sanitary Manhole Construction : Completing a comprehensive yield test is imperative to enable the correct equipping of your borehole. The Sanitary manhole is also installed to ensure no ground water contamination.
  • Borehole Rehabilitation and Inspection : We provide high tech borehole inspections and concise rehabilitation programs for boreholes that have been standing for a period of time. 
  • Electrical Services : We provide connections to electrical system in your home or business for all of our pump and electrical requirements.
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