Solar Solutions

Aquasurge has partnered with PIK-LED to introduce cost effective and sustainable Solar and Back up power Projects for home and business.

We have sourced best of class and affordable components for your solar requirements. Our installation providers are all certified and trained to ensure all works are completed to standard.

We have also developed a web based reporting tool to enable you the home or business owner to view important reporting to ensure the systems deliver on investment.

Our stepped process is designed to ensure you are provided with all of the information and accurate assessment of your need prior to committing to a system.

Solar investigation and decision making made easy through our 4 step process

When Looking for a Solar Solution it is important to assess your requirements in the Kwh you consume daily and monthly. This will enable the correct selection of system for your home and need.

The basic principal is that a solar panel takes sunlight and converts it into kilowatts (Kw).Kilowatts is what we consume from the power providers. 

Also important is

  • The size of the panel in Watts, will determined its total production capability of the system. the lower the panel watt, the lower the production.
  • Summer and Winter make a large difference in seasonal power production with 20-30 % less power produced in winter.
  • Behavioral changes are also required by consumers when considering a Solar Energy Solution.
Solar Production Review of 3-10Kva System

We offer 3 solutions for your home.

In Proud Partnership with PIK-a-LED

Partnering with Pik A LED. We offer affordable solutions for your load shedding problems. The Pik A LED team specializes in Solar Power Energy and reducing your power with energy sufficient products with LED lighting, available in all SA. We only use brand names that is familiar with the SA market. As home owners who have been using and have tested our own solar system for the past 4 years , we are certainly in a position to give very good advice regarding this matter